The Arm Braids are Coming!!!

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The first shipment of slip-on, adjustable Arm Braids will be ready tomorrow!!

It has taken many months of designing and experimenting to get a Braid for the upper body that is easy to slip into. The braid pattern is pre-wrapped and sewn-in to form sleeves that your arms slip into, like putting on a long sleeve T-shirt. There have been a lot of challenges along the way, but we have gotten through them.

The Arm Braid comes in three basic sizes, Small, Medium and Large. Each size also has slide adjusters to vary the size, depending on your body size and on the effect you want; from gentle, hugging posture cues to a vigorous athletic workout. 

Even though the Arm Braid goes across your upper body; arms, chest and back, it still provides much of the sensation and experience of the full Body Braid. For anyone who hunches over a computer or tends to roll their shoulders forward, this can help you open your chest for a deep, refreshing breath. Wearing it invites an up-and-out movement into extension, which relaxes your shoulder to settle back and down.

We will be stocking these on the store soon. If you want to pre-order and be one of the first people to get one, send us a message by clicking here. 

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