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Body Braid

$126.00 Canadian Dollars


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The Body Braid is made of high quality, woven elastic band material sewn in a figure 8 with tri-glide sliders to adjust the size. The Body Braid can be adjusted smaller, but not larger than it's full length. We have added extra length to offer more options for how you wrap the Body Braid. It comes rolled in a reusable mesh carrying bag. The woven material is made of 71% Polyester and 29% Rubber.

Small   - Fits most people under 5 feet 6 inches/170 cm and under 155 lbs/ 70 Kg

Medium  -   Fits most people 5 feet 6 inches - 6 feet/170 -190 cm or 155-200 lbs/ 70-90 Kg

Large  -  Over 6 feet/190 cm and over 200lbs/ 90Kg

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Please read the Disclaimer page before buying.

The ARM BRAID is a simpler product to put on and use compared to the BODY BRAID. If you are new to these products, we recommend starting with the ARM BRAID as an introduction to this innovative new approach. We strongly recommend that you review the instructional videos to make sure you understand the braiding process before purchase. 

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