Hip Belt

The Hip Belt is a helpful accessory for using with the Body Braid. It wraps around your hips and stabilizes the second cross there. This prevents slipping of the Body Braid when you bend forward at the waist. 

You put the Hip Belt on first before putting on your Body Braid. The Hip Belt has two flaps at the sides that hold the straps coming across your belly where they lay underneath at the hip cross. 


Hip Belt Sizing:

The Hip Belt is sized to fit around your hip bones, below your waist. Note that the hip size is wider than the waist.

For Hip size 30-34"   (76-86 cm)       XTRA SMALL

For Hip size 34-42"   (86-104 cm)     SMALL

For Hip size 42-48"   (104-122 cm)   MEDIUM

For Hip size 48-56"   (122-142 cm)   LARGE

For Hip size 56-64"   (142-162 cm)   XTRA LARGE


The XTRA SMALL fits hips sizes 30-40" (76-100 cm)

The SMALL fits hips sizes 34-48" (86-123 cm)

The MEDIUM fits hips sizes 38-54" (96-137 cm)

The LARGE fits hips sizes 42-60" (106-152 cm)

The XTRA LARGE fits hip sizes 46-66" (112-168 cm)

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