What is it?

The Core Braid is a sewn braid of elastic fabric bands. When you wear it around your body, the bands reinforce the internal tissues that connect and coordinate your different parts together.

It feels great. And it is good for you - training your posture to be naturally upright and relaxed.  




The Core Braid is the foundation of an innovative Body Braid system. It is the simplest and easiest to use, as well as being the best tool for forming a healthy foundation of training your body's posture and coordination. The Core Braid is used primarily for sitting but can be adapted with extensions to use for any activity.  


There are other products that are advanced tools. They require more experience and orientation on how to put them on and how to use them.

The Arm Braid supports and trains your shoulder movement.

The Basic Body Braid is very adaptable but requires learning the braiding process to put it on, which is very challenging for some people.

The Hip Belt is an accessory for the Basic Body Braid to stabilize the straps at the Hip.

The Core Braid Extensions allow you to adapt the Core Braid to use for any activity - walking, dancing, yoga, sports. They will be available soon.




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