• Extension Straps for Core Body Braid

Extension Straps for Core Body Braid

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Do any activity wearing the Core Body Braid with Extension Straps.

The Core Braid comes with one pair of Extension Straps included that allows for basic braiding down to the feet for most users. More Extension Straps can be added to give more length to the lower loop for larger body sizes and also to get more stabilization from more complex braiding. 

The basic braiding works well for walking and the one pair of Extension Straps that is included with a Core Body Braid gives enough length for this braiding for body sizes up to about 200 pounds/90 Kg.

Adding more Extension Straps allows more complex braiding for more stabilization down your legs to move between sitting, standing and walking as well as for sports, dancing, yoga and other activities. Additional straps also allow for braiding across the belly.



What are the Extensions for?
Extensions are accessories for use with the Core Braid. They provide additional braiding options for larger body sizes and to wear the Core Body Braid doing any activity.

Can Extensions be used on their own?
No. The Extensions are specifically designed to use with the Core Braid and don't have any other purpose.

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