What is the difference between the Core Braid and Body Braid System?

Body Braid System = Core Braid + Extension Straps


I feel confused about which one I should order, the Core Braid or Body Braid System?

The Core Braid for sitting, this is where we all get the most benefit.  It is the foundation of the Body Braid System, and it is simple and easy to use.  The Core Braid starts the important retraining of your body’s core alignment.  The straps of the Core Braid gently cradle and reduces strain on the most vulnerable joint for people, the shoulder girdle joint of the shoulder blades connecting to the upper back.  It also provides flexible back and hip support.  Getting familiar with the Core Braid is important before considering the Body Braid System. 

The Body Braid System includes Extension Straps used for simple to complex braiding down the legs, or across the belly and down the legs.  The Extension Straps transforms the Core Braid into the ability to wear it for any activity and gives support for your knees and ankles.

Note:  If the Core Braid is purchased, Extension Straps can be added in the future.  There is a $5.00 difference in choosing to purchase at a later time.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Within North America expect 5-8 business days, elsewhere up to 4-6 weeks


What size does the Core Braid and Body Braid System fit? 

It took quite a lot of design work to get one size products that could still fit the wide range of body sizes and shapes. The Core Braid and Body Braid System fits people weighing 100 to 300+ lbs. (45-140kgs.)


Is the Core Braid and Body Braid System adjustable?

When wearing the Core Braid or Body Braid System for posture, mindfulness practices, or if you plan on wearing it for a long period of time, a looser fit will feel better.  Less tension gives a more soothing, supportive feel.  The gentle sensation is retraining your proprioception (the body’s ability to feel how your different parts are connected and coordinated).

Adjusting the loops smaller makes for a tighter fit which gives a more intense, powerful, and athletic effect.  This can be invigorating but is also quickly tiring.


How much does shipping cost?

Body Braid ships for free WORLDWIDE!

Note about taxes...
We only charge tax for deliveries within Canada. For the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and some other countries, there is no tax or duty charged on delivery for individual imports under $1,000.00. For the UK, EU and many other countries, VAT and Duty may be charged on delivery. If you do not claim the package when it arrives, we are charged a return shipping fee. In this case we will issue a refund LESS the return shipping fee. 


What if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

If you aren’t in love with your Body Braid, you can return it within 90 days. We'll be refunding your account the full purchase amount if your Body Braid is received in like-new, resalable condition. If your returned Body Braid is showing visible wear, we will refund a portion of your purchase. We will refund 75% for visible wear and 50% for significant wear.

Return postage is paid by the customer.

For details on return, please email us at info@bodybraid.com.


Do you have any kind of support available once I receive my purchase?

There are many instructional videos available on the website.

We also offer free individual instructional Zoom sessions.  The Zoom session gives you an opportunity to ask questions, and together with Blair Voyvodic, MD (creator of the Body Braid) you will be walked through putting on your braid to ensure you receive maximum benefits that it was meant to provide!


How can I learn more about the Body Braid?

Please click on the Learn More tab on the website.  This section contains detailed information about the concepts behind the creation of the Body Braid.


How do I care for my Core Braid and Body Braid System?

We suggest machine washing the product and hang to dry.  The materials are very durable and will not lose elasticity.

Care should be taken with the scratchy Velcro by keeping them clean and free of debris.


Can the Core Braid and Body Braid System relieve pain? 

Both products are a tool to enhance your coordination for graceful movement.  Wearing it helps retrain your movement to become more efficient and coordinated, reducing strain and injury.  Some people report decreased pain both while during and after wearing their braid.  Your body naturally relaxes into a more aligned, upright posture with the side effect of less pain.  There are some very encouraging results from people with significant conditions having less pain and being able to do more.

If you have health concerns or pain, we advise consulting with a treatment professional about using Body Braid products.


Does the Core Braid or Body Braid System help hEDS patients, and how?

Feedback from many hEDS patients has been very positive with helping pain and often preventing frequent dislocations.  We hear of hEDS patients doing more activity with less painful strain.  To be clear however, this is not a medical devise.  Also, the Core Braid and Body Braid System is not a brace and does not force joints to stay together; instead, it trains movement to stay aligned so that joints are not strained to the point of dislocation. 

The main effect of wearing the Body Braid is that it amplifies your proprioception (the ability to feel movement in the body).  With hEDS, the ability to feel proprioception is decreased.  Like wearing eyeglasses to see more clearly, wearing the Body Braid helps to feel movement more clearly.  It does not force any change in movement, but it gives extra signalling so that strain is felt as it develops and the body then naturally shifts to reduce this strain.


Are there risks to using a Core Braid or Body Braid System?

  • You should not feel any new pain or strain. If you have existing injuries or health conditions and notice any irritation, use caution and remove.
  • It is important to avoid getting anything caught between your body and the braid. The elastic bands are very strong and will pull you if they get caught.
  • It is not advised to wear the Core Braid or Body Braid System while sleeping.
  • Wearing light fabric under the braid will reduce possible skin irritation.


Do you have to remove for bathroom use?

No, simply slide the straps forward and down and readjust afterwards.


Are these products responsibly produced?

We have worked hard to find ethically made materials and services.

  • The elastic band for the Body Braid products is woven by our neighbours at a unionized mill in Stoney Creek, Ontario.
  • We work closely with our local sewing partners who take pride in providing a well-managed and healthy work environment.
  • We aim to reduce waste through our use of minimal packaging on mailouts. Our mailers are made from organic material and biodegrade into compost.
  • The mesh bag that your product comes in is designed for carrying the product throughout its life.