What are the benefits of the Core Braid?

The Core Braid may:
  • enhance your mind-body connection
  • amplify your proprioceptive awareness
  • prevent injuries
  • promote healthy posture and movement
  • relieve pain due to poor posture
  • make you smile

When can I wear my Core Braid?

The Core Braid is simple and easy to use for sitting. This is the best way to get introduced to this amazing new approach. Once you are familiar with that and ready for the added challenges of rearranging the straps, your Core Braid can be modified for walking and other activities. We recommend starting with short periods of 15 to 20 minutes until you get to know the effect both while wearing it and how it affects you afterward. Slipping the knee straps off lets you notice the difference. If it keeps feeling good to wear, you get to wear it as long as you like. If it starts to feel tiring, or if you have a sense of being ready for a break, then take it off. It can be worn over or under clothes. It is most comfortable with a thin layer of cotton between the Core Braid and your skin.


Can the Core Braid be worn for walking?

There will be additional accessory straps that can extend the reach of the lower straps for wrapping down to the foot. This frees you up for any kind of movement, walking, dancing, yoga, sports, etc. it also integrates your weight-bearing coordination. And it feels great.

But using these accessory straps requires learning how to attach the straps and how to wrap them around your body. These accessories, with instructional videos, will be available in a few months. If you are in Toronto or Ottawa, Canada, or in Sydney or Newcastle, Australia, there are teachers available to show you how to use these accessories. 

How tight should it be?

The Core Braid is easily adjustable, depending on the desired effect.

If you’re wearing the Core Braid for posture and mindfulness practices, or if you plan on wearing it for a long period of time, a looser fit will feel better. Less tension gives a more soothing, supportive feel. The gentle sensation is retraining your proprioception -- your body's ability to feel how your different parts are connected and coordinated.

Adjusting the loops smaller makes for a tighter fit which gives a more intense, powerful, and athletic effect. This can be invigorating but is also quickly tiring. 


How can I learn more about the Body Braid?

Please see our Learn More page, which contains detailed information about the concepts behind the creation of the Body Braid system. 


How should I care for my Core Braid?

The Core Braid is made of durable, washable material. It can be machine washed and hung to dry often. The material softens with washing and use, while keeping its bounce. 


Can the Core Braid relieve pain?

The Core Braid is a tool to enhance your coordination for graceful movement. Wearing it helps retrain your movement to become more efficient and coordinated, reducing strain and injury. Some people report decreased pain both while, and after, wearing the Core Braid. Your body naturally relaxes into a more aligned, upright posture with the side effect of less pain. There are some very encouraging results from people with significant conditions having less pain and being able to do more from using the braids. But this is still experimental and should be used with great caution for anyone with health problems. 

If you have health concerns or pain, we advise consulting with a treatment professional about using the Core Braid. 


Are there risks to using a Core Braid?

  • You should not feel any new pain or strain from wearing the Core Braid. If you have existing injuries or health conditions, especially in areas covered by the Core Braid, use caution and remove it if you notice any irritation.
  • It is important to avoid getting anything caught between your body and the Core Braid. The elastic bands are very strong and will pull you if they get caught. 
  • The woven band of the Core Braid is made with rubber covered by woven polyester. People with allergies to latex could be exposed to traces of rubber from wearing it.


What if I am not happy with my Core Braid?

We want you to feel good about your experience of the Core Braid. Our return policy allows you to return it for a full refund within 60 days of the purchase date. If you have concerns or questions with your Core Braid, please get in touch with us to see if we can help.


Is the Core Braid responsibly produced?

We have worked hard to find ethically made materials and services.
  • The elastic band for the Core Braid is woven by our neighbours at a unionized mill in Stoney Creek, Ontario.
  • We have worked closely with our sewing partners, Artex Sportswear in Scarborough, Ontario. They take pride in providing a well managed and healthy work environment.
  • We aim to reduce waste through our use of minimal packaging. The mesh bag that your Core Braid comes in is designed for carrying the product throughout its life.

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