Introducing the Body Braid
Easy to use, feel good support.


Increase your ability to sense your body.

The Body Braid creates a gentle pressure on your skin, and this pressure creates a link between your movement and the stimulation of your sensory nerves. Your brain receives enhanced information about where your body parts are, and how they are moving relative to each other.

Free Delivery, Worldwide!
Free Delivery, Worldwide!
Money-Back Guarantee (90 Days)
Money-Back Guarantee (90 Days)
100% Latex Free
100% Latex Free

What do our Body Braid users think?

Virginia M

Body Braid

I have been wearing a Body Braid since October of 2017 and it has changed my world! I now get my constant hug while wearing the Body Braid, and I am able to feel where my body is since I have the gentle reminder from the resistance when I move. Thank you for making this incredible tool!

Alma S

Core Braid

Core Braid instantly corrects my neck by pulling back my shoulders and realigning my head with my spine. The sensation is amazing! My body is relieved of the day-to-day stresses I put on it due to my sedentary lifestyle.

Slade O

Arm Braid

I have been using the Arm Braid since July 2017 and it has been one of the most useful tools I have ever owned. You will not find a better product and I find myself constantly recommending it to all sorts of people, for all sorts of reasons.

See the Body Braid in motion...

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