"As I loop the two belts around my knees, my posture immediately improves.  I sit straighter, taller and my back feels supported.  Mostly though, I notice a difference in my neck (which tends to tip forward from staring at computer screens all day long). Core Braid instantly corrects my neck by pulling back my shoulders and realigning my head with my spine. The sensation is amazing! My body is relieved of the day-to-day stresses I put on it due to my sedentary lifestyle.  There is no effort needed to hold myself up because Core Braid does that for me. It almost feels like cheating; getting all the benefits of great posture without having to do any of the work in achieving it.  Even more incredible, is how my body “remembers” the sensation and continues to remain open and aligned even after I take off Core Braid. I feel like I’m floating.

It's amazing that Core Braid can do all this and still be comfortable to wear. You might think that a product designed to improve posture and body alignment would be stiff, but this is not the case. I can move, bend, reach and stretch easily. I’m not confined in any way. This is because Core Braid moves with my body. It truly is a remarkable feat of engineering to have all this strength, flexibility and comfort in one product.

I can see how Core Braid can help people with injuries. I can see how dancers, yoga practitioners and athletes can use it to develop even more body awareness and improve their form and technique. Mostly, I can see how it can help the “average” office employee who sits at a desk all day long, get some relief from years of lower back, shoulder, and neck strain.

Alma S


"I’d like to express my gratitude to you for inventing the Body Braid. I have Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and I have the chronic pain and proprioception issues that come along with my condition. I’ve always longed to have someone constantly hug me and “press my joints in” so that they were tighter.

I have been wearing a Body Braid since October of 2017 and it has changed my world! I now get my constant hug while wearing the Body Braid, and I am able to feel where my body is since I have the gentle reminder from the resistance when I move. Thank you for making this incredible tool!"

Virginia M


"I am 31 years old and have been dealing with ever increasing pain and postural issues since I was 12. It is absolutely debilitating and I have tried myriad therapies, gadgets and pretty much every intervention imaginable. I have been using the Arm Braid since July 2017 and it has been one of the most useful tools I have ever owned. Many braces perform well in one area, but they usually have a glaring weakness or tradeoff. (too much support, too little support, bulky, hard to clean, hard to don, absurdly expensive, etc.) The arm braid is versatile, adjustable, wearable beneath clothes, easy to clean and feels great. It isn't going to do all of the work for you, so far as correcting posture goes; but rather it provides constant feedback, solid support and acts as a reminder to be cognizant of how you are standing at any given time. You will not find a better product and I find myself constantly recommending it to all sorts of people, for all sorts of reasons."

Slade O