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Body Braid System Light with Small Core Braid

Body Braid System Light with Small Core Braid

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The Small Core Braid is currently out of stock and more is being sewn. New stock is expected in late June.

This new combination comes with a Smaller Core Braid that fits better for smaller bodies (90-120 pounds/40-55 Kgs) with narrow shoulders. It will still fit well for larger people.


Body Braid System = Core + Extension Straps

The Body Braid System package includes the Core Braid, and a pair each of Short and Long Extension Straps to wrap down the legs.

This Light version has a single layer of black band for the lower Core Braid and for the Extension Straps, making it lighter and less bulky but has fewer options for stabilizing the bands down the legs compared to the Extra Support.

Using the Core Body Braid is simple and easy to use for sitting, and this is an important foundation in training the alignment of your body's core. The Core Braid can also be wrapped around the upper thigh to wear it for any activity.

Adding the extension straps gives more options for wrapping and adds support for the knees and ankles. It also adds complexity that takes time and practice to learn. Once your hands learn the technique, it can become as familiar as tying shoelaces.

ONE SIZE - The Body Braid System is designed to be very adjustable to fit the wide range of body shapes and sizes, as well as for a variety of ways of using it. The one-size Body Braid System is adjustable for people weighing between 100 pounds/45 Kgs to 350 pounds/160 Kgs.

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