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Core Body Braid - Smaller fit for narrow shoulders

Core Body Braid - Smaller fit for narrow shoulders

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Enjoy Sitting with Naturally Upright, Relaxed Posture - Now Latex-Free  

Using the Core Body Braid is simple and easy for sitting, where we need it the most. It also can be wrapped to wear for any activity, though that gets more complex to put on compared to the simple slip-on arrangement for sitting.

For everyone, using the Core Body Braid even occasionally for sitting is an important foundation for working with this innovative approach to support and reinforce your body's connective tissue, retraining alignment through your body's core.

Extension Straps can be purchased together with the Core Braid in the Body Braid System which is a Core Braid plus Extension Straps. They also be purchased separately. The Extension Straps allow for braiding down your legs for additional knee and ankle support.

ONE SIZE - The Core Body Braid is designed to be very adjustable to fit the wide range of body shapes and sizes, as well as for a variety of ways of using it. The one-size Core Body Braid is adjustable for people weighing between 100 pounds/45 Kgs to 350 pounds/160 Kgs. 






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