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Core Braid   $185

The Core Braid aligns your body's core and is the core of the Body Braid approach. It activates and retrains your core muscles. This is an important introduction before advancing to extend this benefit to your legs and arms. The Core Braid supports the main shoulder joint by stabilizing the shoulder blades onto your back. This is the most vulnerable joint for people with hypermobility. 



Body Braid System Extra Support   $260


Body Braid System Light $250



Body Braid System = Core + Extension Straps

The Body Braid System package includes the Core Body Braid, and a pair each of Short and Long Extension Straps to wrap down the legs for knee and ankle support.



The EXTRA SUPPORT gives extra support for knees and ankles by double black and white bands for the lower Core Braid and for the Extension Straps.

The LIGHT is lighter and less bulky using a single black band for the lower Core Braid and Extension Straps.





Full Body Braid System Extra Support  $395


Full Body Braid System Light $390

The Full Body Braid System includes a Core Braid, a pair of Short Extension Straps, a pair of Long Extension Straps and an Arm Braid. The Core Braid and Extension Straps are ONE SIZE. The Arm Braid comes in five sizes. Please choose the right size Arm Braid according to your Height and Arm / Shoulder size from the chart below.

The new and improved latex-free Arm Braids are now in stock. The Arm Braid primarily provides support for the elbow in preventing hyperextension. It also reinforces the rotator cuff joint at the tip of the shoulder. Depending on how you wear it, It can give support for your wrist.

To benefit most shoulder issues, the Core Braid supports alignment for the entire shoulder girdle, stabilizing your shoulder blades onto you back. This is why it is important to spend time getting familiar with the Core Braid before adding the Arm Braid. They can be worn together or separately.

The size chart below is an approximation of your arm volume, which is difficult to determine. If you seem between two sizes, better to go with a larger size.



Extension Straps Extra Support $70


Extension Straps Light $60



If you already have a Core Braid and want to add Extension Straps



The EXTRA SUPPORT gives extra support for knees and ankles by double black and white bands.

The LIGHT is lighter and less bulky using a single black band.





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