Click on the video below for an introduction to the Core Body Braid.

Enjoy healthy posture and movement with help from the Core Braid. As the foundation of the innovative Body Braid system, this posture support is easy to use and feels great. It acts as external connective tissue, reinforcing our body's internal connective tissue that gets worn down by injury as we age.

Resilient, spiralling connective tissue, called fascia, wraps around our bones like springs to keep us up from gravity. It holds us securely together with bounce to be free to move. The Core Braid's soft, elastic fabric bands spiral around you, engaging your body's core and gently aligning your different body parts into an integrated whole. 


Simply slip on the Core Braid like a jacket and then wrap the lower loops around your knees. Adjust, finding what gives you the greatest comfort. Then, the wonderfully comforting support moves along with you, training your body to naturally relax into aligned, strain-free posture and movement. 


Two free extension straps are included in the Body Braid System. Adding these lets you braid down your legs, extending your range of motion for walking or any other activity. It adds a whole new level of aligned coordination to sports, yoga, dance and martial arts.     

The Core Braid is one-size and easily adjusts to fit body sizes over 100 pounds/45 Kgs.


When can I wear my Core Body Braid?

Using it occasionally gives your body reminders of how good integrated alignment can feel. Some people enjoy slipping it on every day.

The Core Braid is easiest to use for sitting, and that is where we need it the most. It makes any chair an ergonomic wonder. It creates ideal back support, turning back strain into supported comfort. 

What is the Body Braid System?

Adding the Extension Straps which are included in the Body Braid System, lets you braid down your legs, putting the spring back in your step for walking and more bounce in any activity. You can use the Body Braid System for everything from sitting meditation to athletic training.

For people with loose joints of hypermobility, especially Ehlers Danlos, being held securely together with full freedom of movement can make all your daily activities easier. 

Can the Core Body Braid relieve pain?

The Core Body Braid relieves strain by guiding you into alignment for healthy posture and coordinated movement. That can relieve pain caused by strain or tension and reduce the chance of injury.