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 The foundation of the innovative Body Braid system, the Core Body Braid is a posture support strap constructed from soft, elastic fabric bands. When worn around your body, it helps to promote proper posture alignment and movement, enhance your mind-body connection, and relieve pain due to poor posture. This posture device feels great, training you to sit in a naturally relaxed and upright position. Simple to use, the Core Body Braid helps to improve back alignment and posture while sitting. It retrains your movement in a gentle manner, providing the support you need to move in healthy ways. Additional accessory straps allow you to adapt the Core Body Braid for use while walking and participating in activities such as yoga and dancing. Invented by a Canadian doctor, this innovative posture strap was created out of a desire to help people feel better in their bodies. Enjoy better posture and freedom of movement with the Body Braid.


Core Braid corrects my neck by pulling back my shoulders and realigning my head with my spine. I can move, bend, reach and stretch easily. I sit straighter, taller, and my back feels supported. It is a remarkable feat of engineering to have all this strength, flexibility and comfort in one product.
- Alma S.

Stimulate Your Mind and Body Connection

The Core Body Braid helps to improve posture by enhancing your mind-body connection. The comfortable posture device creates a gentle pressure on your skin. This pressure creates a link between your movement and the stimulation of your sensory nerves, encouraging effective sensory processing. Your brain receives enhanced information about where your body parts are and how they move in relation to each other. As a result, wearing the Core Body Braid amplifies your sense of coordination and posture, also known as proprioception or kinaesthetic awareness. This innovative posture strap influences your movement and posture even when you aren't aware of it consciously. The stretchy material acts like fascia, which are bands of elastic fibre running through your body. The design is inspired by the pattern of spiralling fascial lines that occur naturally in the body. When these fascia anatomy trains are working well, your body parts work together in unison. However, when injury or age take a toll they can become segregated and work separately. Body Braid products mimic the elastic bounce of youthful tissue before ageing has taken its toll, training your body to once again work as an integrated whole.


When can I wear my Core Body Braid?
The Core Body Braid is easiest and more effective for sitting. We recommend starting with short periods of 15 to 20 minutes until you get to know the effect, both while wearing it and how you feel afterward. Slipping the knee straps off lets you notice the difference. If it continues feeling good to wear, you can wear it as long as you like. If it starts to feel tiring, or if you have a sense of being ready for a break, then take it off. It can be worn over or under clothes. It is most comfortable with a thin layer of cotton between the Core Body Braid and your skin.

Can the Core Body Braid relieve pain?
The Core Body Braid helps to promote healthy posture and movement, which can reduce injuries that cause strain and pain. Some users report decreased pain both during and after using the Core Body Braid. There are encouraging results from people with significant conditions who experience less pain and are able to do more by using the Braids. However, the Core Body Braid is still experimental and should be used with great caution by anyone with health problems.

If you have health concerns or pain, we advise consulting a treatment professional about using the Core  Body Braid.


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